• Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 10/31/14

    "Freak Week" wraps up on Halloween morning with Demonologist Michael Salerno in studio from East Coast Angels, with audio evidence from hauntings he's investigated. Also, Chef Brian Averna had pretty much the worst day ever, and then plays Dumb Ass News. 

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  • Chaz and AJ Video - Exploding Pumpkins Pick the Next CT Governor

    Why wait until Tuesday? Chaz and AJ blew up two pumpkins today, to determine who will win the Governor's election. 

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  • This Day in Music History: October 31st

    Driven by Key Hyundai

    1998: Kiss kicked off their tour in support of Psycho Circus the first album with their original lineup in 18 years at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with the Smashing Pumpkins opening for them. This was the first concert tour to have 3-D visual effects. Read More
  • The Top Best Treats To Get For Trick Or Treating

    Want to be the most popular house on the street this Halloween? Then instead of handing out the typical fun size candy bar, or stupid Good & Plenty, try offering one of these favorite treats my childhood. Read more at CTBoom.com Read More
  • AJ's Car of the Day Dave Stuckey's 1962 "Lil' Coffin"

    Car: Dave Stuckey's "Lil' Coffin"

    Year: 1962

    What makes it special: Built over a number of years by Dave Stuckey of Wichita, Kansas, "Lil' Coffin" originated from a 1932 Ford sedan bought in 1954. Stripped down the night he bought it, it was completed in 1962. The name "Li'l Coffin" came from a girl in Dodge City, Kansas when she saw it at a car show there. The upholstery had a white Matlasha fabric from Belgium which had sliver threads sewn into it which shined like chrome streaks in the sun. She claimed it looked like a 'little coffin'.

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  • Today On Chaz & AJ Happy Halloween!

    Today was the last day of Freak Week...and it ended with a bang!!! Here are some of the highlights:


    - Demonologist Michael Salerno had super creepy audio of demons

    - Comedian Ralphie May came back and brought his wife Lahna Turner this time

    - We chatted with world famous Lorraine Warren...and her cock

    - We predicted the Gubernatorial Race--by exploding pumpkins


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  • Pet Pals: Roxy

    Courtesy of Companions & Homemakers

    Name: Roxy
    Breed: Labrador retriever mix
    Age: 9 year old spayed female
    Bio: I am housebroken. I am so bonded with my brother Toby that we must go home together. I can live in single family homes and condos. I am calm but have my moments of energy and need to get a little exercise every day. I have not had much experience with children but am willing to consider sharing my home with kids who can be gentle and respectful of pets, interaction required. Read More
  • Chaz and AJ Video - "Ghostbusters" Trivia for AJ

    Comedian Ralphie May was in studio while AJ took on the Tribe's "Ghostbusters" trivia, since Halloween is tomorrow. It was Ralphie's first Chaz and AJ Shock Collar Trivia experience, and he seemed a little overwhelmed by it! 

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  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 10/30/14

    Comedian Ralphie May was in studio sharing stories about Sam Kinnison, denying that he was high, and cracking jokes about his wife's obsession with Ebola. Plus, "Freak Week" continues with Tribe favorite Nancy Lieder who speaks for the Zetas, and Doug Schwartz of the Quinnipiac Poll calls in to comment about how terribly close the CT race for Governor is. 

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  • This Day in Music History: October 30th

    Driven by Key Hyundai

    2010: At Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert’s Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear in Washington, D.C., Cat Stevens performed “Peace Train” & Ozzy Osbourne performed “Crazy Train” in proxy battle by Stewart & Colbert between sanity & fear. Read More
  • Chaz & AJ Recap 10-30-14

    1. Was Comedian Ralphie May high on the show today?

    2. A lady that talks to aliens...what do they want us to know

    3. AJ sucks at Ghostbusters trivia


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  • [WIN] Tickets to Joe Bonamassa

    Enter here to win tickets to Joe Bonamassa at Symphony Hall Springfield November 26th. Read More
  • AJ's Car of the Day George Barris 1966 "Grandpa's Dragula"

    Car: George Barris' "Grandpa's Dragula"

    Year: 1966

    What makes it special: Another car built for The Munsters TV show, the 1966 Dragula was designed by Munsters Koach designer Tom Daniel for George Barris and Barris Kustom Industries. Dragula's fiberglass body was built from a real fiberglass coffin that Richard "Korky" Korkes was able to purchase from a funeral home in North Hollywood. Since it was illegal to sell a coffin without a death certificate. Korky made a deal with the funeral director, paid in cash, and it was agreed the coffin would be left outside the rear door of the funeral parlor where the Barris crew would collect it after dark. The front of the vehicle sported a marble gravestone with the inscription: "Born 1367, Died ?"

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  • Pet Pals: Apple

    Courtesy of Companions & Homemakers

    Name: Apple
    Breed: Domestic short hair mix
    Age: 2 year old spayed female
    BioApple is a quiet, 2 year old mamma cat who came in with her kittens. She lived with one of our foster volunteers until the kittens were old enough to come back for adoption. Apple proved to be very gentle and would nudge her face right into your hand for petting. She really enjoys chin and ear rubs. She’s suited to living with older kids and she prefers a quiet home. She is FIV positive so should be the only cat in the home. Do you have a lap for Apple to perch on? She’s waiting for your love. Read More
  • Today On Chaz & AJ 10-30-14

    It's Friday and Halloween Eve! Check out what's going on this morning: Read More
  • Your Last Chance To Ask The Candidates Your Questions

    Will Chaz and AJ in the morning be the game changer for Connecticut's future?

    The closest Governors race in the history of polling is days away and the last joint appearance by the candidates will be live on the Chaz and AJ network Monday at 8:30 am. Governor Malloy and Tom Foley will answer questions from us…but most importantly from you.

    Over the phone at 877-R-NICKEL, on our Facebook here and you can email your questions here: chazajdebate@gmail.com

     You can watch live on Chaz and AJ TV available at chazandajinthemorning.com


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  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 10/29/14

    Psychic Astrologist Christopher Renstrom was back on, due to popular demand, and was given a blind challenge where he ultimately chose who would be Governor after next week's elections. Plus, UFOlogist Kenny Lloyd in studio with proof that aliens exist, and Dr. Patty Ann helps the Tribe through the things that other people do that annoy them. 

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  • This Day in Music History: October 29th

    Driven by Key Hyundai

    2003: Joan Jett appeared on Crossing Over with John Edward to serve as a psychic conduit for friends to hear from their daughter who recently passed away. Read More
  • Malloy vs. Foley - The Final Debate

    Live Monday 8:30a

    Listen to Chaz & AJ Monday, November 3rd at 8:30a for the final gubernatorial debate between Governor Malloy and Tom Foley before Election Day. Email your questions for the debate to ChazAJDebate@gmail.com Read More
  • [WIN] Tickets to Carlos Mencia

    Enter here to win a pair of tickets to see Comix Presents Carlos Mencia at the Grand Theater at Foxwoods on November 14, 9:00 PM Read More
  • Chaz & AJ Recap 10-29-14

    Miss any Chaz & AJ this morning? Then check out this  "in a nutshell version" of the antics that went on today including:

    - Psychic Astrologer, Christopher Renstrom predicted the outcome of CT's Gubernatorial election. Who is it?

    - UFO guy Ken has proof that aliens exist

    - Pam's Stripper name for the Chaz & AJ Monster's Ball


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  • Today On Chaz & AJ 10-29-14

    Freak Week Continues.....Call in to join the conversation at 877-R-NICKEL. Here's what we got goin on today: Read More
  • AJ's Car of the Day George Barris' 1964 "Munster Koach"

    Car: George Barris' "Munster Koach"

    Year: 1964

    What makes it special: The "Munster Koach" is the family car that was used in the television series, "The Munsters." King of the Kustomizer's George Barris was contracted by the show's producers to build the car. George paid Tom Daniel $20K to design the car. It was built at Barris Kustoms, first by Tex Smith, but finished by shop foreman Dick Dean. It was made from three Ford Model T bodies, making it 18 feet in length.

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  • Pet Pals: Egor

    Courtesy of Companions & Homemakers

    Name: Egor
    Breed: Labrador retriever mix
    Age: 1 year old altered male
    Bio: I can live in a single family home or condo, apartments considered. I want to live with kids over 6 years of age. I have not had much experience with cats or dogs but am willing to consider sharing my home with a furry friend. I am a high energy kind of dog and am looking for a home where I can get lots of exercise every day. I am a great dog with lots of potential. I need a family with general dog experience. Read More
  • Chaz and AJ Podcasts - 10/28/14

    "Freak Week" rolls on with Anna Raimondi, a psychic medium, who was in studio to help the Tribe communicate with their dead relatives. Movie producer and director Andrew Gernhard was in sharing his Top 10 Horror Movies, then took on the Tribe's horror movie trivia while Phil the Producer held the shock collar. Plus, the strange Halloween songs you'll hear this time of year!

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  • This Day in Music History: October 28th

    Driven by Key Hyundai

    2003: At a Pearl Jam concert in Santa Barbara, CA, Chris Cornell joined them onstage for an impromptu reunion of the supergroup Temple of the Dog for renditions of “Hunger Strike” and “Reach Down”. Read More
  • Halloween Happenings in the Hartford Area this week

    This week and weekend is your chance to get SPOOKY Halloween Fix.. Hartford County is full of activities for everyone. Check out events at CTBoom.com Read More
  • Today On Chaz & AJ 10-28-14

    It's day two of Freak Week! Lots to call in about today: 877-R-NICKEL Read More
  • AJ's Car of the Day 1967 Ray Fahrner's"Boothill Express" Custom Show Rod

    Car: "Boothill Express"

    Year: 1967

    What makes it special: Ray Fahrner created some of the most memorable and radical show rods of all time. By 1967, Fahrner ( who passed away in 2005 ), completed his outrageous signature creation named “Boothill Express,” based on an actual circa-1850 horse-drawn funeral coach by Cunningham of New York, which reportedly carried James Gang member Bob Younger to “Boot Hill.” Features include ornate carved moldings, brass lamps reportedly dating to late 18th-century India and proper funeral equipment, including tasseled velvet curtains and polished coffin rails.

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  • Pet Pals: Big Kitty & Little Kitty

    Courtesy of Companions & Homemakers

    Name: Big Kitty & Little Kitty
    Breed: Domestic short hair mixes
    Age: Big Kitty is a 2 year old altered male. Little Kitty is a 1 year old altered male
    BioWe would love to live with kids of any age. We would like to live with a cat but have not had much experience with dogs. We may be willing to share our home with a canine. We are a bonded pair and are such good friends that it would break our hearts to be separated. We need to go home together. Read More