• Gear Up: Nap Time Office Chair

    Name: Nap Time Office Chair
    What Does It Do: The most ingenious desk chair you’ll ever find!
    How Much: $399
    Fun Fact: I already know plenty of people here that sleep at their desks without this chair Read More
  • Gear Up: Lightmode Motorcycle Helmets

    Name: Lightmode Motorcycle Helmets
    What Does It Do: Make yourself more visible to motorists at night while riding your bike
    How Much: $65
    Fun Fact: Yes, it’s like “Tron” – that’s literally the only reason I need to want this Read More
  • Gear Up: Dashboard Heads Up Display

    Name: Dashboard Heads Up Display
    What Does It Do: The future of driving projects whatever is on your phone or GPS
    How Much: $299.99
    Fun Fact: I’m still waiting for an in dash display on my car! Read More
  • Gear Up: Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

    Name: Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub
    What Does It Do: Take it with you wherever you go!
    How Much: $550
    Fun Fact: I feel like I’d rather have this than a permanent hot tub Read More
  • Gear Up: Guitar Doorbell

    Name: Guitar Doorbell
    What Does It Do: A real, authentic guitar hangs above the door and strums whenever guests enter
    How Much: $139.95
    Fun Fact: You know you still gotta keep it in tune though… Read More
  • Gear Up: Om/One Levitating Speaker

    Name: Om/One Levitating Speaker
    What Does It Do: A Bluetooth connected conversation piece – that gives great sound!
    How Much: $180
    Fun Fact: This totally looks like something out of “Star Wars,” right? Read More
  • Gear Up: Spray Paint Dry Erase Marker

    Name: Spray Paint Dry Erase Marker
    What Does It Do: No longer are we limited to just markers!
    How Much: $10
    Fun Fact: I really just want to spray this on office walls to freak people out! Read More
  • Gear Up: Aquarium Night Stand Table

    Name: Aquarium Night Stand Table
    What Does It Do: Show off your water-bound friends in a new way!
    How Much: $599.95
    Fun Fact: This is cool…but you can’t see it if you’re lying in bed though, right? Read More
  • Gear Up: Battery Powered Lawn Mower

    Name: Battery Powered Lawn Mower
    What Does It Do: Runs up to 70 minutes on a full charge
    How Much: $369.99
    Fun Fact: Now you can mow at 6am without bothering your neighbors! Read More
  • Gear Up: Hanx Writer

    Name: Hanx Writer
    What Does It Do: Created by Tom Hanks (seriously), it simulates a typewriter on your iPad
    How Much: $FREE
    Fun Fact: So we went from typewriters to desktops to laptops to tablets…all to go back to typewriters again Read More
  • Gear Up: Polaroid Cube

    Name: Polaroid Cube
    What Does It Do: HD, waterproof, shockproof, mountable – and about a quarter the size of GoPro
    How Much: $TBD
    Fun Fact: Who knew Polaroid was still around? Read More
  • Gear Up: Jar Pies

    Name: Jar Pies
    What Does It Do: Apple, Pecan, Lemon Lust, and more pies in a jar
    How Much: $6
    Fun Fact: I’ve waited my entire life for a way to get pie faster Read More
  • Gear Up: Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera

    Name: Strike Cam Underwater Fishing Camera
    What Does It Do: Attaches to your line, with a 30 foot depth, so you can record every nibble Read More
  • Gear Up: Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueld Motorcycle

    Name: Hormel Black Label Bacon-Fueld Motorcycle
    What Does It Do: Well…it’s a motorcycle that runs on 100% biodiesel aka bacon grease
    How Much: $TBD
    Fun Fact: It. Runs. On. BACON! Read More
  • Gear Up: Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit

    Name: Garrison Bespoke Bulletproof Suit
    What Does It Do: Using the same material as US troops, yes – this is a bulletproof suit
    How Much: $TBD
    Fun Fact: This is like a real-life Q product from James Bond come to life! Read More
  • Gear Up: Floating Island Table

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: Floating Island Table
    What Does It Do: Keep your party even more private by getting away from everyone else in the middle of your own pool
    How Much: $212.93
    Fun Fact: I’m curious as to the balance – like, if a couple were to sit at this, can they sit next to each other, or do they have to be on opposite sides? This is important. Read More
  • Gear Up: Combination Wine Bottle Lock

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: Combination Wine Bottle Lock
    What Does It Do: For those who are really protective of their stuff
    How Much: $21.99
    Fun Fact: My combination will probably be “0-0-0-2” – just to throw people off Read More
  • Gear Up: Foot Rest Hammock

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: Foot Rest Hammock
    What Does It Do: The next evolution of foot rests is here!
    How Much: $30
    Fun Fact: I’ll still somehow manage to spin upside down and fall off it Read More
  • Gear Up: Water Draining Soap Holder

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: Water Draining Soap Holder
    What Does It Do: It drains the water and dry your soap in between showers
    How Much: $5.25
    Fun Fact: A genius idea Read More
  • Gear Up: All-Matte Black Rolex

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: All-Matte Black Rolex
    What Does It Do: More than a Rolex – this one is all black
    How Much: $26,554.68
    Fun Fact: No one needs this…but it is awesome Read More
  • Gear Up: Pivoting Power Strip

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: Pivoting Power Strip
    What Does It Do: Have an oversized plug that you can’t find a spot for on that that power strip? Now that’s no longer an issue!
    How Much: $19.98
    Fun Fact: It took too long for someone to invent this – but I’m glad they did Read More
  • Gear Up: Utility Tool iPhone Case

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: Utility Tool iPhone Case
    What Does It Do: Anytime you need that particular tool, you’ll always have it (as long as you have your phone with you)
    How Much: $99.95
    Fun Fact: Go ahead – throw your pocket knife away (don’t actually do that) Read More
  • Gear Up: Air Conditioner Drink Cooler

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: Air Conditioner Drink Cooler
    What Does It Do: Cool yourself as you cool your beverages
    How Much: $279.99
    Fun Fact: This is cool Read More
  • Gear Up: Mass Water Ballon Loader

    Powered by The Walker Group

    Name: Mass Water Ballon Loader
    What Does It Do: No longer do you have to load water balloons one at a time – now you can do $100
    How Much: $15
    Fun Fact: I’ve wanted this for literally my entire life Read More
  • Gear Up: Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire

    Powered by The Walker Group

    NAME: Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire

    WHAT DOES IT DO: It uses invisible LED beams projected from three units, so you can form a perimeter. When an intruder breaks the beam, the receiver unit alerts you with an alarm, so you can quickly assess the situation and respond appropriately.

    HOW MUCH: $25

    FUN FACT: I will mostly use these to prevent people from sneaking up on me in the office.

    Source: uncrate.com

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